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My name is Bruce and I am in charge of sales and marketing here at the All of the information you will see on the website was written by me. (Unless of course you don’t like it, then it was written by someone else, kidding lol) ☺ If have any questions please call us at 888-378-9416. Also please check out these tabs: FAQ, (top), Shipping (bottom right) and Warranty (bottom right)

We realize buying a big-ticket arcade game on the internet without physically seeing it can be scary. We have received over 100 consecutive 5 star reviews on our two Amazon accounts and more than 1000 consecutive positive reviews overall on our products. We have never had a bad review posted anywhere online! To put you at ease we have linked some of those reviews above. Please click the Facebook and Amazon links on the top of the website and read for yourself. You can be comfortable knowing that we will do WHATEVER is necessary to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new arcade game before it arrives, and more importantly after you receive it!! Please read "Why should I choose your company vs. your competition" by clicking the FAQ page on the top of our website. (Next to the About Us)

One of the biggest contributing factors to the impression a customer takes away from any new company is in how they are treated both before the sale happens and more importantly after the sale has taken place. As a consumer I have experienced business dealings with a company who is friendly and responsive prior to the sale and then suddenly vanishes or is rude once they have my money. This will never happen with Coinopstore. My main goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your transaction and inclined to leave a 5 star review. Reviews are a great way to gauge a company overall and that’s why Amazon is great. On Amazon we have 100% 5 star reviews with over 100 reviews posted. We cannot erase bad reviews, only verified customers can leave reviews, and our products are too expensive for us to just buy them on Amazon and leave our own reviews. (Amazon charges a 17% Markup) If you know about Amazon then you know it’s nearly impossible to get all 5’s across the board. There is always someone who will leave a 2 for a late delivery, etc. Knock on wood, we have all 5’s across the board. I have linked our professional Amazon seller account at the top of our website, please be sure to check it out! We are also A+ rated with the BBB, have 100% positive reviews on Facebook (from customers) and have 100% positive reviews on Ebay with over 500 games sold. We have never had a bad review posted online. This is of course not to say we have never had an issue, but rather this is a reflection of how we handle those issues. Providing impeccable customer service all starts with our customers being able to quickly contact someone at our company. 888-378-9416 is the phone number on the top of the website and it rings through to my cell phone. Much to the dismay of my wife, ☺ unless I am sleeping I personally guarantee that I will always answer my phone or respond to emails within 15 minutes of them being read. Even nights and weekends. I will also guarantee that if you ever have a question or issue with a game (rare) someone from tech support will be available to assist you within 30 minutes. One of the other things that sets us apart from our competition is how our games are manufactured.

Unique to is the fact that we own the factory that makes all of our own products. We are contacted by Chinese companies all the time who are trying to sell us prebuilt games (the same games I see many other companies selling online.) The problem with this is that those Chinese companies are not willing to make adjustments to their games based on new information. In other words, buying fully assembled premade arcade cabinets from China does not allow other vendors the ability to make necessary design changes to their machines should the need arise. Over the years we have been able to gather useful feedback from our customers (many of them are engineers) regarding key features on our games and then utilize that feedback hone the quality and functionality of our games. We have been making games since 2003 and have implemented many new features to our products. From stereo amplifiers, to more functional latches. We have moved from installing CRT monitors, to refurbished LCD monitors, and finally to brand new LED, the most cutting edge technology. We now use commercial grade coin mechanisms, competition Happ/Sanwa Joysticks etc. We are constantly striving to improve our design, just like the automotive industry.

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