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Why should I choose your company vs. your competition?

My name is Bruce and I am the director of Sales and Marketing here at the Coinopstore. All of the information you will see on the website was written by me. (Unless of course you don’t like it, then it was written by someone else, kidding lol) ☺ One of the biggest contributing factors to the impression a customer takes away from any new company is in how they are treated both before the sale happens and more importantly after the sale has taken place. As a consumer I have experienced business dealings with a company who is friendly and responsive prior to the sale and then suddenly vanishes or is rude once they have my money. This will never happen with Coinopstore. My main goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your transaction and inclined to leave a 5 star review. Reviews are a great way to gauge a company overall and that’s why Amazon is great. On Amazon we have 100% 5 star reviews with over 100 reviews posted. We cannot erase bad reviews, only verified customers can leave reviews, and our products are too expensive for us to just buy them on Amazon and leave our own reviews. (Amazon charges a 17% Markup) If you know about Amazon then you know it’s nearly impossible to get all 5’s across the board. There is always someone who will leave a 2 for a late delivery, etc. Knock on wood, we have all 5’s across the board. I have linked our professional Amazon seller account at the top of our website, please be sure to check it out! We are also A+ rated with the BBB, have 100% positive reviews on Facebook (from customers) and have 100% positive reviews on Ebay with over 500 games sold. We have never had a bad review posted online. This is of course not to say we have never had an issue, but rather this is a reflection of how we handle those issues. Providing impeccable customer service all starts with our customers being able to quickly contact someone at our company. 888-378-9416 is the phone number on the top of the website and it rings through to my cell phone. Much to the dismay of my wife, ☺ unless I am sleeping I personally guarantee that I will always answer my phone or respond to emails within 15 minutes of them being read. Even nights and weekends. I will also guarantee that if you ever have a question or issue with a game (rare) someone from tech support will be available to assist you within 30 minutes. One of the other things that sets us apart from our competition is how our games are manufactured.

Unique to is the fact that we own the factory that makes all of our own products. We are contacted by Chinese companies all the time who are trying to sell us prebuilt games (the same games I see many other companies selling online.) The problem with this is that those Chinese companies are not willing to make adjustments to their games based on new information. In other words, buying fully assembled premade arcade cabinets from China does not allow other vendors the ability to make necessary design changes to their machines should the need arise. Over the years we have been able to gather useful feedback from our customers (many of them are engineers) regarding key features on our games and then utilize that feedback hone the quality and functionality of our games. We have been making games since 2003 and have implemented many new features to our products. From stereo amplifiers, to more functional latches. We have moved from installing CRT monitors, to refurbished LCD monitors, and finally to brand new LED, the most cutting edge technology. We now use commercial grade coin mechanisms, competition Happ/Sanwa Joysticks etc. We are constantly striving to improve our design, just like the automotive industry.

Getting started with your new game.

1. A 3 prong standard power cord and 2 keys will be zip tied to one of the joysticks. Remove them carefully with a scissors. (Adults only). Locate the plug in on the back or side of the game. (varies depending on the cabinet) Plug one side of the cord into the game then plug the other side of the cord into a 110v (standard USA) power outlet. Treat the game like your TV and turn in off when not in use either by pressing the on/off switch on the game or from the switch on a power strip with a surge protector (recommended)

2. Where the game plugs in there is a small red on/off switch. "O" pressed down is off, "|" pressed down is on. Turn the game on by pressing the "|" down. The game will take 60 -90 seconds to initialize. This is normal. Grids and various colors will flash during initialization. This is normal. Please do not turn the game off and back on before it initializes or it wont turn on. (like a gas pump, if you turn it off and back on it will start over)

3. On the front of the machine there is a coin door. Using the key you can open this door. Inside on the left you will find the volume. For the Cocktail Arcade it is 1 round knob on the left hand side. For all other games there is a stereo amplifier mounted on the inside, left hand side. On the amplifier the top knob is volume, then bass, treble, and the bottom knob is balance. The stereo amplifier will be blinking red and blue. This is normal.

4. When you open the coin door, on the inside you will see a red button. This button is how you enter the "test mode" and make changes to the board. You can change from coin op to free play (for all boards except the 2100 -1 and 3000-1 which are coin operated only), disable games, turn off background sound, etc. The options are explained in the manual. We recommend calling tech support before trying to make changes. You will not hurt the game if you accidentally press this button. (It’s NOT a self-destruct button) ☺

5. The monitor is like your computer monitor and can adjust brightness, tint, contrast, etc.

6. For the 60 game board, to start a game press the 1 player or 2 player start. If the screen is frozen press the A or B button. (you might be in the preview screen). Nothing is wrong, play around by pressing some buttons until you get a feel for how to use the board. When the game is over you will automatically be taken back to the menu screen. There is no way to exit in the middle of a game, you have to die.

7. For the 136, 410, 512, and 1033 boards to enter a game press 1 or 2 player start. To exit a game press and hold the 1 player start button for 10 seconds. A window will pop up (like hitting Control+Alt+Delete on a computer). The window that pops up will say "Continue or Exit". To continue press 1 player start. This allows you to pause the game. To exit move the cursor with the joystick down to "exit" and they press and hold the 1 player start button again. On the 1033 board to flip from vertical to horizontal press and hold the B button from the menu screen.

8. To exit a game on the 2100-1 and 3000-1 game boards press and hold the 1 player start button and you will be taken back to the menu. There is no intermediate "continue or exit" screen.

9. On the back of the Classic Upright, Deluxe Classic Upright, and Tornado there is a full panel that can be removed by using the keys. This allows you to access the monitor and joysticks should the need arise. This will be necessary if rotating the monitor (136 board).

10. On the front of the cocktail arcades there is a coin door. You can open this with the key. Inside the game on the top right and left hand side there are latches that hold the top of the cabinet down. This top is on a hinge. To open your game reach in and pop those latches. This allows you to open the top of the game and grants full access to the boards and joysticks.

What is your turn around time? How long does it take you to ship?

Unless indicated otherwise we can build and ship any game from our warehouse within 5 business days, usually sooner. Once the game is in transit shipping time depends on the destination. As a general rule, the west coast takes 1-5 business days. The Midwest takes 3-8 business days. The east coast takes 5-10 business days. Manhattan, Long Island takes 6-12 business days. Alaska and Hawaii take 8-16 days. The rest of the world takes 5-30 days depending on using air freight or ocean freight. If you need some type of expedited shipping or a guaranteed ship date please contact Bruce to discuss your options. 408-964-0136, Texting is fine. All residential and business deliveries are curbside freight. For a residential delivery the shipping company will call you typically the day before delivery to schedule a delivery appointment. They will bring a truck with a lift gate. For a business delivery they will show up during normal business hours and we will ask if a lift gate is needed or if there is a dock/forklift present. All orders come with tracking. Please use the tracking to find out where your game is on its trek cross country. The driver is by himself and cannot bring the game inside the house or business unless we schedule a white glove inside delivery for two delivery people. This needs to be set up BEFORE the game ships. For some locations we can pay the driver to bring the game into the garage or through the front door for $50-$75 (depending on the game and the location.) As long as there are no steps leading into the house or garage this will be fine. White Glove inside delivery service requires us to ship the game to a third party (usually a moving company) who will then call you and schedule an independent second redelivery of the game to your home using two men. The cost for this ranges from $300-$1000 extra depending on the game and your destination. This is the only option for bringing the game up steps. A single driver using a pallet jack cannot navigate even one step. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority however White Glove is not something we can throw in for free because it is a very expensive service and the cost for this would exceed any profit we make on a game. We do not mark up these services, the price we pay is the price you’ll pay. For a quote please contact Bruce. 408-964-0136 direct cell.

What kind of Monitors do you use? What is the size of the monitor?

Other than "How long does it take to ship?" This is one of the most commonly asked questions. All of the monitors we sell are brand new LED Monitors. Regardless of anything else you have read on other websites, LED is the most current cutting edge technology in the world of monitors and will provide the absolute best picture. We pay significantly more for new LED monitors than CRT or refurnished LCD. (Both have been used by us in the past) There is no distortion and the images are not cut off in any way like on CRT tube. The monitors included in our standard cocktail and classic upright cabinets are a 4:3 Aspect Ratio 19" LED Wide Viewing Angle monitor. 19" is the same size as the original games from the 1980’s. These are brand new, state of the art 1080i LED Monitors. On our other games we use a 24" LED or a 32" LED. This is by far the best way to view your new Arcade Game. But don’t take my word for it, PLEASE, watch the videos I have uploaded showing game play under the product page for each game. If you need help finding these, text me (Bruce). 408-964-0136. I have direct links to youtube videos that I can text to you. I encourage each customer to view our videos vis-a-vis with our competitors.

Some companies claim to provide "authentic arcade monitors" or they upsell expensive "Military Grade" Monitors. In marketing this something we call "puffery" You should know that an "authentic arcade monitor" is code for a CRT tube TV. (Cathode Ray Tube). This is antiquated 80’s technology. Saying that 80’s arcade games would look better on an 80’s CRT monitor is like saying that watching "The Empire Strikes Back " would be better viewed on a 35" 80’s TV than on your 65" Curved 4k Samsung. LED is cutting edge modern technology. It’s not only much more expensive for us to buy but it’s superior in every way. We choose to build more expensive games by using LED. LED monitors are very lightweight, CRT monitors are VERY heavy, completely unable to be serviced. If they break, they are difficult to replace, hard to find, and run the risk of electrocution if you try to repair. (Please, google and read up for yourself) The image is NOT better. Think about it? How could it be. When is an 80’s CRT picture better than a modern LED TV? If you’re concerned about being original, please ask for or watch one of our videos that shows the game in play. They look awesome! But maybe I’m a little bias, who knows? Lol ☺

I have scoured the internet and have never been able to find anything at all related to "Military Grade" as it pertains to arcade games and why/how having this expensive upgrade would be advantageous in an arcade game. Our Monitors are designed to last for years with continuous use in commercial applications, just like your brand new TV.

How does your warranty work?

Feel free to visit the Warranty section of our website to see a video of me (Bruce) discussing how our warranty works.

All of the machines we manufacture are designed for decades of use in a commercial setting. They can be left on and running 24/7 but we recommend saving power by turning your game off while not in use. A three year warranty comes standard with all arcade purchases. A five year extended warranty is able to be purchased during checkout. (I don’t think you need it, but it is an option if you want it.) Our warranty is similar to your car manufacturers warranty and it covers the cost of replacing any parts. It also includes any necessary postage.

All of the products we sell are brand new and are fully tested prior to shipping. We run each new machine for several hours to make sure there are no glitches. Typically if something electronic is going to malfunction it does it the first time we turn it on. (Before it ships) In the event you do have an issue please call our tech support team at 888-231-4591 or text Kingsley at 669-888-4643 (preferred). These numbers are sent over with tracking on every order. You will ALWAYS be able to reach someone from 8am-10pm PST 7days a week. Each game only has 4 main parts. 1. The joysticks-buttons, 2. The power supply, 3. The monitor, 4. The game board itself. Once we diagnose the problem we can send out any replacement parts. The games are designed so that customers are able to quickly swap out any necessary parts in minutes with no technical skills needed. There is nothing that cannot be replaced in under 10 minutes using a screw driver. This was an important design element because it is cost prohibitive to ship games back and forth across the country and unless you’re in Santa Clara, CA we don’t have someone near you to help with the game. (In rare instances we have hired local people to service games but this only applies once the customer has at least attempted to work with us)

By purchasing one of our games you are entering into an agreement to work on your game under our guidance. We will also require you to verify in writing that you have read and understand this requirement. We will never ask you to do anything that would harm the machine or void the warranty. We will also never require you to do anything dangerous or overly technical. In addition we have a nice series of videos showing you how to make changes and repairs to your machine. Please see our Youtube page at A manual will also be included with all arcades.

What is a vertical game? What is a horizontal game?

With most companies when you look at their inventory you will see that they sell cabinets that play either vertical or horizontal games, but what does that mean? In the realm of arcade games there are two different types. There are games that go up and down, where the action on the screen moves from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen. Frogger is a good example of this. These games that go up and down are called VERTICAL games. To play vertical games we install a computer monitor into our cabinets sideways. Ms Pacman is another good example of a vertical game. We have two game boards available that are all vertical games. The boards are the 60 game board and the 410 game board. ALL of the titles on these boards are always all vertical. You will not see vertical and horizontal games mixed on classic gaming boards.

The other type of arcade game available is one where the action on the screen goes from left to right. Super Mario Brothers and Defender are good examples of this. Side to side games are called HORIZONTAL games. To play side to side games we take a computer monitor and we install it in landscape mode, the same way it would be viewed on your desktop. We have one horizontal classic game board available, the 136 game board. ALL of the titles on this board are horizontal games. There are no vertical games on this board.

Our cocktail arcade, our deluxe cocktail arcade, our classic upright and our deluxe classic upright all come with 60 Vertical games and a monitor installed in portrait mode. (Sideways) You can take out the 60 game board and upgrade/replace it with the 410 board. All the games on the 60 (except Tank Battle and Gun Smoke) are found on the 410 board. All of the games on the 60/410 are vertical games. As a bonus feature these machines can be modified to play our 136 game horizontal board. This 136 board would come in addition to the 60/410. With every other company you can only play vertical OR horizontal on a classic arcade, but never both. To accomplish this you would need to open the game, pull out the monitor and turn in 90 degrees, reinstall, and also change game boards. I realize that conceptually this is confusing so I have videos a video here that will show you how to do it. The concept is the same whether you’re buying a cocktail arcade or an upright.

It’s certainly not for everybody but it’s nice for those people on a budget who want both vertical (Ms Pacman) and horizontal (Super Mario Bros, Defender) games. If you want a game that can play both vertical and horizontal with no modification please check out our Ultimate Cocktail arcade with the 1033 game board, or our two player machines that run the 2019 game board. The 2019 is the only board in the world that combines both horizontal and vertical games all the one game board. (Played from a horizontal/landscape mode screen)

I don’t see my favorite game listed. Can I add games to the game boards? Can I pick and choose what games I want?

The game boards we buy come with a predetermined list of games. Unfortunately we cannot add specific games. If you are curious to see if we have a specific game please open the game list and press Control-F to find your title. The games are in alphabetical order. On the 1033 board please note that there are two game lists stacked on top of each other. (the horizontal list, then the vertical list) Or you can call we can assist you with this search. We have done our very best to acquire the most varied game lists available.

Can I get a trackball or a gun on your games?

The short answer is yes, and no. Centipede and Millipede work quite well with a just a joystick. That being said if you want the traditional feel of these original games you may want to consider a trackball. Our standard cocktail can be upgraded with trackballs. Our deluxe and Ultimate come with trackballs. Our classic upright arcade can be upgraded with a trackball. Our deluxe upright comes with a trackball. There is no trackball port (*place to plug in) on the 2019 board therefore we do not offer a trackball on our Tornado Arcade, our Viewlix or our Noir Arcade. Also none of the boards we sell have a gun port so we cannot plug a gun or a steering wheel.

What games can your machines play?

Our 24" Deluxe Cocktail, Regular Cocktail, Deluxe 24" upright and Classic Upright Arcade Cabinets can play our 60 game board, our 410 game board, and /or the 136 game board. The 136 board would come in addition to the 60 or 410.

The Ultimate cocktail arcade comes with a 1033 game board. This is the only board that has vertical and horizontal games flip internally on the screen. (please see the product listing video for clarity). This machine can play our 2019 board from the horizontal side and the 60 game board from the vertical side. Two boards cannot be played simultaneously so you would have to switch between game boards by opening the cabinet. (this is simple and takes seconds)

Our 24" Tornado Arcade, 32" Viewlix cabinet and 32" Noir Cabinet can play our 512 game board and/or our 2019 game board. The 2019 is the only board to contain both vertical classic games and horizontal modern games. You do not need to rotate the monitor for the 2019 board, it can play both vertical and horizontal games. It is the only board we have ever found that can accomplish this. For a complete list of the games available to you please view "Game List" on our website.

What happens if my game stops working?

First let me say that this is very rare. The games are rigorously and thoroughly tested prior to shipping. Each employee is required to sign their name to the game to ensure that it has been properly assembled and has zero issues. We expect perfection from our warehouse employees and the reward for them is that we pay them 150% of California’s minimum wage for a starting pay with bonus incentives. Please note that if a part is going to fail it almost always does so at the initial startup. Your game has been on and running for several hours during its testing phase. If it didn’t break then it probably isn’t going to.

In the event that something malfunctions on your cabinet please call my tech support team. Each tech support staff member is given a company paid cell phone so that they will always be available. They will ask you a few simple questions to find out what the issue is. If a new part is needed, we will ship it immediately and walk you through the installation either on the phone or through a youtube video. Please note, these games are very simple inside and would only require a screw driver and a pliers to work on. In 10+ years we have never run into an issue where someone could not repair their own machine as long as they are willing to try. Occasionally I have people who refuse to even open the coin door and press the red button needed to enter the setup mode. If you are completely unwilling to do even basic things needed to get your game working properly we cannot be held responsible. You need to meet us halfway. (I have only run into this a handful of times, but some people can be very unreasonable) We can’t ship a new $1500 game cross country for something simple that you could do yourself like replacing the light bulb. I promise we will never ask you do to anything advanced or complicated, however part of this purchase agreement is that need to at least try. If you try to repair your game and we are unable to trouble shoot the issue we will send a replacement or hire a local tech. For all returned games the customer will have to place the old game on a pallet and strap it down for removal. LTL freight companies will not prep the game for shipment, you will need to help us. We will buy straps if needed and provide the pallet and shrinkwrap.

Is this cabinet JAMMA Compatible?

Our cabinet is wired with a standard universal JAMMA connector which makes it compatible with the majority of arcade JAMMA circuit boards available today. Our cabinets can also be modified to play BOTH vertical (60 and 410) and horizontal (136) (512) (2019) and our combo(1033).

Can this game be set to coin operating mode or free play?

Yes, both options are available, with the user friendly setup interface switching between modes is simple and quick to do. Our new electronic coin mechanism allows up to $1 per play and accepts anything from quarters, tokens to Canadian currency. Great for bar / pub / bistro / cafe owners, or even entertaining guests at home! For any changes to our machine, feel free to call tech support and they will gladly walk you through your adjustments.

Left Handed Cabinet?

Occasionally I will get asked if we can make a righty vs lefty cabinet. Please note that there is no such thing as a righty vs lefty. If you look at a Nintendo paddle or a Playstation paddle, the joystick movement is always on the left and the buttons are always on the right. If you learn to play any other way you can never go into an arcade and play because you have learned wrong. It’s like learning to play a guitar upside down. We strongly recommend you learn to play the correct way, and our cabinets always and only come with the action on the left and buttons on the right.

How many people can play on the cocktail arcade?

There are single control panels built into each side of the cocktail arcade, providing exciting head to head game play. On 2 player mode the screen automatically orients itself around for the 2nd player side. Please note, the screen does not flip in a horizontal set up cabinet.

Where are you guys located?

Santa Clara, CA near Levi Stadium. (Go 49ers!) ☺

How are the machines delivered?

All shipments are shipped via LTL freight carrier. When the shipment arrives at your local terminal (you can track your shipment with the tracking number provided when your shipment is picked up) the terminal dispatch will call the name and number you provided at time of sale to set up a time for delivery at your convenience. Please note that all freight deliveries are curbside. They do not bring the game into the house, they do not unwrap it, and they will not navigate it up any stairs. We can arrange for these services but they will cost more. Please note that your new arcade game is fully insured during transit. You are required to arrange for delivery with your shipping company. If you have specific needs you must tell us about them prior to shipping so we can determine if they will cost more money or not. If you require the shipping company to come on a guaranteed day there may be additional charges. We are not responsible for extra charges at destination that you sign for. If you refuse to accept your game for any reason other than shipping damage and the game is shipping back to our warehouse you will be responsible for paying the return shipping and if the game is customized you will be charged a 25% restocking fee. This is VERY rare, most people are excited to get their new game. We are also not responsible for delays due to flooding or bad weather. Last summer there was flooding in Houston that delayed many of our shipments. (Again, VERY rare)

What happens if the shipment was damaged during transit?

All shipments that leave our dock are in 100% perfect working order and fully packed on pallets for freight shipping. 95% of shipments arrive in pristine condition however occasionally there is cosmetic damage. Please note that this ONLY applies to cosmetic damage, not mechanical issues. If the game shows up and it has obvious damage please do not sign for it.  If you sign for it you are accepting it in its present condition. You cannot file a claim after you sign for damaged freight.  If the game appears to have no physical damage go ahead and sign for it and please   immediately unwrap the game in the presence of the driver. You do not need to ask the drivers permission, because you have signed for the game you can do whatever you want with it. Please have a scissors and a razor ready to go to remove the cardboard, straps, and shrink wrap. If there is any damage you must note it on the Bill of Lading. We will then arrange for the shipping company to take away the damaged game and I will immediately ship a new game. We are not fiscally responsible for replacing a damaged game if these procedures are not followed exactly. If there is any damage and you do not note it on the paperwork we cannot file a claim for damage with the shipping company. I will send out a video detailing this procedure with every order and ask that you verify you have seen it and understand it. Call me if you have any questions. 888 378 9416.

Are the arcade games plug and play?

Yes, the games are plug and play. For online orders or phone orders we will discuss the options available in a confirmation email that is sent out to all new customers and then set the game with these options. Once you receive your new arcade, you simply plug it in and enjoy! All arcades come with an instruction manual, but more importantly they come with instant LIVE tech support. (888)231-4591 or text (preferred) Kingsley Chang at 669-888-4643. If for any reason you can’t reach tech within 1 hour (8am-10pm PST) Text Bruce at 408-964-0136 and he will track someone down. We want to make sure you’re completely happy with your purchase.

Do your games save high scores?

Yes, the 60 game board saves high scores when the machine is turned off. It does not save initials. All of the other more advanced game boards do not save high scores or initials. Please note, we do not make the software and this is not something we can change. Sometimes the 60 game boards will save both high scores and initials, but it’s a mixed bag and we never know which version we will get from the software company and its better for me to error on the side of caution and say that it won’t save initials.

Are the graphics and sound identical to the original?

Yes, absolutely. Jamma Boards provide identical to the original content. MAME machines run emulations of these games. We do not carry MAME. (similar, but not identical). The original games from the 80’s ran JAMMA. They look like big Nintendo games.

Should I leave my game on and running 24/7?

No. Please turn the game off when it is not in use to save power.

Should I plug my game into a surge protector?

Yes.   It’s always a good idea to plug any electronic device into a surge protector.  If you don't know what a surge protector is please google it or call us.