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Noir with Removable Marquee. New Game comes with black balls on joysticks. Not Green. (updated pictures coming soon)


"Delivery was very speedy! Thank you Bruce for helping us decide which extras to select. Also, you were very helpful when we were setting the machine up to play these magnificent games. Many hours of good old fun await us playing these amazing video games. Thank you for an excellent buying experience! I would highly recommended doing business with this company!"
phillip h., November 14, 2014

"Great product. Great customer service. Quick and friendly delivery. Very satisfied. Felt like a kid again playing all my favorites."
JL Wickey, May 9, 2014

"If you are looking for world-class service in the purchase, delivery, and set up of a video gaming console, this seller is A-1. They delivered the game, which was a gift, within 24 hours of the order. They were prompt, courteous and accommodating. The recipient is having the time of his life playing games and reliving his youth with his young children. Absolutely the highest possible service!"
Amy Ferguson, March 7, 2014